Egressive Behaviour


elcome to the campaign log.

As our heroes adventure through the world the record of their activities are collected here for you to enjoy.There are two kinds of log types that can be found here: Session Summaries and Fireside. The session summaries are the record of the weekly gaming session which we play where the key points of the story occur. Battle ensue and hearts are broken as the story unfolds before our adventurers eyes.Fireside logs (pun intended) are the interactions of the players between the sessions. This is our players's opportunity to roleplay some of the more minute details of the campaigns. Friendships are made and torn, while our heroes take time to process what is going on in the sessions. While the session summaries are written by me , the DM, the Fireside is entirely the creation of our players. They take time out of their week to continue chatting as their PCs so that you get to know them better.






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