Egressive Behaviour

Why did I let them ask soo many questions?

The visit to Gravenhollow

he adventurers spend the better part of 3 days travelling through the dark tunnels constantly checking the ring, which was given to them by Ghazrim DuLoc in Mantol-Derith, for directions to the library of Gravenhollow. During the days travel time Ilia is leading the party with this new ring along the shortest route to their destination and then during downtime each afternoon Loic and Eran spend time together studying the ring and manage to forge a less eloquent duplicate of it. This duplicate ring acts in the same way as the original in that it is constantly using a small amount of divination magic to point its crystal compass in the direction the bearer must travel to find Gravenhollow. While testing out the ring and to see if it matches the one Ilia has Loic tests its capabilities and finds that it does work however there was an embarrassing moment when the two rings got too close together and began pointing to one another causing Loic to walk in a circle around Ilia while he was sat down eating his food. Must remember not to cross the crystals. At the end of the 3rd day’s travel the party begin to hear a noise echoing from the distance down the tunnels leading towards Gravenhollow. FullSizeRender.jpg The door to the tower opened as they arrived. Past the heavy iron door that is the tower’s only visible entrance, a short tunnel extends through five feet of solid rock into a cool, dark chamber. As you enter, a floating orb of pale violet light brightens before you, revealing an opening in the vaulted ceiling and a spiral stone staircase without a railing, climbing up into darkness. Around the stairs, the light reveals a circular audience chamber with cold, unlit lanterns hanging from brackets set into the stone wall, heavy carpets covering the smooth stone floor, and a throne-like stone chair on a raised dais to the left of the entrance. The ball of violet light floats to a stop beneath the center of the open shaft, beyond the foot of the stairs. It then hovers there as if waiting for you. Vizeran pulls everyone into his library on the 4th floor of his tower and gathers them around his table which is littered with maps and notes. “The only one of my kind who could ever match me in the Art is Gromph Baenre. I think we knew from the moment we met that we were destined to be rivals. But where I sought only to master the Art, Gromph was also an astute political manipulator. No more devout than I in the service of the Spider Queen, he arranged for my disgrace and exile. Deprived of my considerable skills, my house fell to our rival, House Do’Urden. Gromph became the Archmage of Menzoberranzan under the auspices of his own house, the First House of the Ruling Council.” “Gromph and I only ever had two things in common: our passion for the Art, and our hatred of the manner in which our fellow mages suffer at the hands of the matron mothers and mistresses of the drow. Gromph has always hungered for power, and not even becoming Archmage of Menzoberranzan was enough to satisfy him.” “From this tower of exile. I kept watch on Gromph’s activities. This was no easy task given his suspicious and circumspect nature. Nonetheless, my observations revealed that he was crafting a unique ritual – one that somehow drew on the energy of faezress to channel incalculable arcane power. When Gromph performed this ritual, the walls between the planes shuddered. Then, as you have by now realized, the demon lords were wrenched from their layers of the Abyss and cast about here in the Underdark. What we all witnessed in Gravenhollow confirms this.” “Demons are creatures ruled by madness and hatred, even the greatest and most powerful of them. They war ceaselessly upon each other in the Abyss, and have already begun to do so here. We can play them against each other, and then deal with the weakened victors.” “I believe I have the ability to devise and cast a ritual, similar to Gromph’s but nowhere near as dangerous or foolish, that will draw the most powerful demon lords together to the site of the original summoning. Once they are brought together, they will try to destroy each other. But though the demon lords might destroy each other’s physical manifestations here in our world, their essence cannot be extinguished. They will thus be cast back into the Abyss, as effectively as if they had been banished.” “The ritual needs certain components to produce the talisman that will draw the demons. Then a rite to empower and activate it. The blood and battle such as this world has never seen. Any survivors among the demon lords will be sorely weakened, and should be far easier to destroy.” “All I need are the necessary ingredients,” Vizeran says, “and, ideally, a look at Gromph’s grimoires and notes from his sanctum.” Vizeran then lists off the ingredients needed: The intact and unhatched egg of a purple worm, for channeling great physical power. The central eye of a beholder, to break down magical resistance and overcome magical forces. Six feathers from six different angels – the authority of the celestial realms and a force to enrage fiendish creatures. The heart of a goristro, to reach and influence the hearts of other demons. Thirteen timmasks, also known as “devil’s mushrooms,” sprouted from the footprint of a marilith, a balor, or a goristro – a lure to draw demons in. A few drops of blood or ichor from a demon lord, to connect with the demons the ritual will call. Gromph Baenre’s grimoires and notes on his ritual to assist in better understanding the power that summoned the demon lords.



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