Egressive Behaviour

The Story So Far....

oic (Half-elf wizard), Lael (Drow Paladin), Taman (Human Variant Cleric), Grog (Half-Orc Barbarian), and Aevar (Dwarven Fighter) began their adventures together when they all woke up in a Drow jail cell high up within the cells of Velkynvelve. _CE209BE6D0BD62B4C686EF632FD30FA8CB0A6AE9313B71F24C_pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpg After reaching the surface and gaining some respite from the dangers below, Loic, Taman, and Lael were summoned to a meeting in Gauntlgrym by the great king Bruenor Battlehammer. Whilst in this council meeting they were informed of a legendary library known as Gravenhollow which is said to hold all the knowledge past, present, and future within the Underdark. Unfortunately for our adventurers accessing the library would be difficult since it is said to never be in the same place twice and the only way to find the current location of the library is to use a ring which is currently in the possession of the leader of the Zhentarim Enclave of Mantol-Derith and as luck would have it all communication with Mantol-Derith went silent recently. So Loic, Lael, and Taman headed back into the Underdark towards Mantol-Derith along with new companions. The new additions to the group were: Valdasar (Dragonborn Cleric), Raddan (Tiefling Wild Magic Sorceror), Eran (Half-elf Ranger-Fighter), Ilia (Elf Assassin Rogue), and Jag (Ilia's pet panther). Along the journey to Mantol-Derith our heroes found themselves temporarily pulled into an alternate dimension being controlled by Lolth, the Queen of Spiders. Lolth toyed with our heroes and left them trapped in this alternate plane. The only evidence of her presence was a chess board with pieces identical to each member of the party. These chess pieces appeared to have a voodoo doll like effect on our heroes. After some experimenting with the pieces and how they also affected their counterparts the room began to fill with a red viscous liquid. Raddan discovered that the only way to break out of the pocket dimension was to place each of the chess pieces in little alcoves deep within the walls which meant submerging them in the thick red liquid. Bravely our heroes placed their pieces in the alcove and began to drown as their pieces were sucked into position. As the light faded from each of their eyes they found themselves thrust back to the Material Plane with vivid memories of drowning to death in blood like liquid. On our heroes continued and found their way to Mantol-Derith where they very quickly managed to locate and destroy a gem which happened to be the physical embodiment of Fraz Urb'luu Demon Prince of Lies. As a reward for destroying the gem and giving peace back to a very tired demon, Fraz Urb'luu rewarded Loic with his blessing which will have some unknown benefits and curses along with it. While our adventurers were helping calm the market of Mantol-Derith their camp outside was set upon by a group of adventurers whose methods seemed terrifyingly similar to that of our heroes. Tracking down these evil adventurers our heroes discovered that Lolth had created duplicates of our heroes with similarly duplicated skills and weapons. After a lengthy battle our heroes emerged victorious and found that as each of the evil party members fell the chess pieces they had encountered previously was left on the ground. These chess pieces no longer had any apparant voodoo like effects however the presence of these chess pieces reminded the adventurers of one thing, they are playing Lolth's game, a game which could mean death around any corner. We will continue our adventurer with regularly updates. 



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