Egressive Behaviour

The Battle of Araj

Dangers in the dark...

fter the loud boom that reverberated through the tower settled and the vibrations stopped our heroes kicked straight into action. Everyone pokes their heads outside the rooms they were in. As they do so their thoughts immediately turn to their companions and supplies which were on the lowest floor of the tower. Lael reaches out her mind to Angaste, the steed she had summoned, to gain some information about what happened. Angaste informs Lael that the front door had been destroyed in a very powerful magical blast and as the smoke and dust is clearing she thinks she can see Drow warriors moving in to attack. Eran calls the three remaining reinforcements they took from Gauntlgrym up to the second floor as he came down from the third. Here on the second floor is where they would hold the line and face the oncoming forces. While everyone gets ready for the oncoming battle, taking cover amongst the different rooms on the second level, Loic begins thinking about ways to stop the advancing Drow from swarming the tower in too great a numbers and Eran goes looking around the kitchens for supplies that could be used. Eran manages to find some oil vials which he pours over some of the steps leading down to Level 1 and Loic heads upstairs to get a view from outside. Once upstairs Loic looks out of the window to survey the situation below. From the height he was at he was unable to get a great view of the oncoming army in the darkness, his darkvision limiting his abilities he focuses out his sense and can make out that the majority of the army are still outside the tower at this time. Taking no time to consider his actions he levitates himself out of the window and up to the roof of the cave the tower is in. Meanwhile the first group of attackers have managed to make their way into the tower, seeing no opposition on the first floor they make their way straight up to the second floor. With their purpose securely in their mind the two Drow Elite Warriors and the Drow Priestess of Lolth who was leading them head onto the second floor where they meet the prepared adventurers. Swords fly in a blur as attack upon attack are dealt out by both sides of the fight. Outnumbered though they were the drow party were doing exactly what they needed to do, keep the heroes occupied while the next group of attackers arrive. download.jpg Eran quickly finishes off the drow priestess while Raddan banishes the yochlol back to the Abyss. Time is running slowly as Valdasar rushes forward and without thinking too much grabs Loic’s body and disappears in a puff of smoke. High above, in one of the guest bedchambers Valdasar seeks the aid of his god as he attempts to bring Loic back from the grave. Moments pass as his prayer continues. With a gasp of breath and new life Loic bolts upright.



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