Egressive Behaviour

Fireside: Drow Date

Laeltoken2.pngLael’essthrae Xund’lara Torviir
Lael had cut her hand, unceremoniously, she simply held the blade and ripped it through her hand. She hadn’t even flinched.
Once her sample had been given Lael left abruptly, uttering no word in response to Loic’s meek apology.

‘How could he?’ She wondered as she climbed the stairs to rejoin the others in the library, her rage and sorrow welling with each step closer to the top. Soon, all she would have would be her sorrow and anger and it was not serving her well.

Not only had he chosen that primordial filth, that directly apposed all she had been raised with but now to make a blood sacrifice of her.
‘Was that what this was?’ Lael considered. Many of the denizens of the underdark made blood sacrifices to their dark patrons but she could not truly confirm if this was that, she knew too little.

She stopped at the doorway and looked down to her wounded hand and considered if she had made a mistake. She brushed her fingertips into her hand, as they began to glow in their gentle silvery way and her flesh knitted together leaving no scar and trace of the wound and her possible sin.

She looked up to those who remained, engrossed with their work and her blue eyes fell upon Vizeran. Lael was allowing herself to become distracted, there was something more important at hand, something that could serve her better in the future.
She pushed down her melancholy till it felt she was walking upon it, leaving her feeling slightly hollow.

“Vizeran?” Lael called gently as she crossed the room and approached his desk. “Do you have any wine?” She could have forced a smile then, but in her heart she did not feel like pretending.

VizeranIcon.png Vizeran DeVir
Vizeran recognised that the voice belonged to the drow woman who so ceremoniously made him wait for her to bathe before meeting him proper in the library. Carefully he put his writing utensils away and straightening his clothes he looked up at the lady.

“Yes my lady, if I weren’t modest I would say it was the best collection of wines outside Menzoberranzan itself” He then bowed his head as he raised his hand invitingly.

“It would greatly honor me if you were to allow me to give you a private tour of my collection.”

Laeltoken2.pngLael’essthrae Xund’lara Torviir
The male Drow’s reaction to her did bring a smile to her eyes. It had been sometime since she had been respected outright without demanding it. Even with Tamen and Loic it had always felt a little forced.

But before her was a Noble son as she was a noble daughter. She knew from the moment she made him wait for her to finish her bath and gauged his response to her reveal that he was both of good manners and good breeding.

“Careful Vizeran.” Lael began playfully as she reached out to take his hand. “You’ll make me feel homesick.”

VizeranIcon.png Vizeran DeVir
Guiding the lady out of his study he takes her upstairs one floor to his private chambers. As they ascended the winding staircase he asks “If I may be so bold, where is home for you? Your armor seems to suggest to me that you do not hail from Menzoberranzan.”

Laeltoken2.pngLael’essthrae Xund’lara Torviir
Lael let a little bemused chuckle escape as Vizeran asked his question. “I actually was born in Menzoberranzan and raised there. It was in my hundredth year, that my mother took half of our house and left with my sister and I, to go to the surface.” she paused briefly before gesturing dismissively. “The armour is newly acquired and is designed to serve the purpose you have noticed. My original set was melted from my body by a minion of Juiblex..” She finished with a coy smile.

VizeranIcon.png Vizeran DeVir
“Then I was truly blessed to have found an individual who has had extensive dealings with the beings which plague this land”

As he steps off the staircase towards an ornate red iron door he gestures towards it and it opens automatically at his lightest command.

“After you my lady” he suggested pointing towards the interior of the room. Vizeran’s private quarters are exquisite. As you enter through the door you can clearly see that these rooms do not belong in the Underdark. So full of color and light the walls are covered with paintings of great individuals and not all of them Drow. In front of the entry way the hall splits into 2 sections: living quarters and guest rooms. Designed to entertain a myriad of guests the guest chambers has chairs of all shapes and sizes indicating a variety of races to have blessed these rooms with their presence.

Vizeran leads the lady over towards a group long chaise lounges encourages her to sit down while he walked over towards a wall opposite. This wall has on it a very detailed painting of the city of Menzoberranzan, Vizeran steps over to it and pulls away from the wall revealing a large collection of wines, carefully lines in the wall.
“Is there any particular vintage you prefer?”

Laeltoken2.pngLael’essthrae Xund’lara Torviir
Before she was led to the collection of sofa’s Lael took a moment to drink in her surroundings slowly, taking in their opulence and colour. Her mother had always said you could always tell much about a person by their personal quarters. As her eyes fell on the portraits she wondered if Vizeran kept them for their obvious artistic beauty and skill or because he revered the people in each one.

But as she was lured away to the chaise lounge and she lounged instead of sitting. Resting her head in her raised arm to show she was relaxed.

“You know what I have not had in a long time, Orbb Jhinrae or even Paga. Do you happen to have either of those? Either would spoil me.” she said carefully, while her eyes were fixated on the painting of Menzoberranzan, obvious with it’s heated Narbondel featuring as a focal point.

“Do you miss it?” Lael asked carefully, in a half whisper.

VizeranIcon.png Vizeran DeVir
While searching for the vintage she requested Vizeran paused to ponder on Lady Lael’s question.

“At times I do miss the city, I miss tracking time by the light of Narbondel, I miss my home” A smile then crosses his face as a memory crosses his mind “I even miss Tier Breche, but alas when I think about it now I realise what I miss is not what the city is but I miss my perception of the city back then”

Having picked the vintage requested he closed the vault and started walking back to the lounges. “Ignorance is often the precursor to bliss, and sadly those with more knowledge often find they wish they didn’t”

Vizeran takes a moment turning the bottle in his hands a few times, but to the well trained eye it would be obvious he is using minor magic to warm the bottle to an adequate temperature.

“I prefer my Paga to be warm don’t you?” he asks as he pours out 2 glasses between the two lounges.

Laeltoken2.pngLael’essthrae Xund’lara Torviir
“Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.” She uttered as a response to his well known fact. It was the reason she was not scouring Vizeran’s shelves like the others. At least one of them needed to be pointed at the threat and wade into battle without knowing how much their life was at risk, fear in their hearts. Lael didn’t mind that role fell to her, it felt like that was the right thing she could do.
“It is the only way to have Paga in my opinion.” Lael replied with a smile. But she wanted to stir the conversation back. “So, broken with the illusion and false-grandeur of Ilythiiri living , is the reason you did not seek out our sister cities?”

VizeranIcon.png Vizeran DeVir
“Since leaving the city of Menzoberranzan I found a purpose which helped me to survive, I’m sure you have heard about the demise of my house? The pain of losing loved ones has lead me to prefer my solitude rather than feel the pain again” He takes a long sip of his glass.

“If you found solitude on the surface why do you venture back down here?”

Laeltoken2.pngLael’essthrae Xund’lara Torviir
“Ah” Lael responded to his answer. As she took her own glass from the table and held it. She had not yet taken a sip, there was a chance he could have poisoned it. As was the Drow way. her instincts screamed at her to guard against it, she could attempt to subtly cast the spell that would protect her but if he truly was the rival of Gromph, then his magical prowess was already far beyond hers.

“I cannot begin to imagine the living nightmare you are enduring, the world would have to weep on the day, if anything were to happen to my house and the havoc I would wreak upon it.” Lael began before lifting her glass to her lips. She was already playing a dangerous game being alone here with him, unarmed and the others distracted.

“Is it not obvious?” She said taking a sip. Her only security was to think that Vizeran would need the alliance of all of them if he truly wanted his vengeance and the hope the others would make his life very difficult if anything would befoul her. It would have to be enough.

“I went out into the world seeking my destiny, my place and purpose and I ended up here playing my part in saving the world.” she let out a slightly disgusted chuckle. “Silly, is it not?”

VizeranIcon.png Vizeran DeVir
“I can assure you, my Lady” He continues to drink the warm wine “Silly would be continuing along a path simply because it is what is done or expected with no conviction of heart.”

“Who is to say what path is right for all? I do not judge those who truly believe what they are doing is right, only those who manipulate those who don’t. It is why I remain here.”

Putting the glass down he looks up at his guest, “You know my plan now, what do you think of it?”

Laeltoken2.pngLael’essthrae Xund’lara Torviir
“Oh, do not worry I found my conviction.” She expressed into her cup as she took a larger sip this time. There was a pleased light to her eyes as she savoured the quality.

“In all honesty?” Lael considered her next words very carefully, her eyes closed for a minute as she cast all caution to the wind. It did not matter.

“I wonder if there is another way, I question whether or not the spell will work anywhere not just in Menzoberranzan. My instincts tell me it will. I am here now, aside for the glorious wine, to make up my mind if you are purely motivated for revenge and if I am going to assist with that.” Lael let her cup rest on her hip for a moment and she sat up a little straighter with a serious look upon her face.

“I may know some things about Vengeance, I promised to send each and everyone one of those abominations back to the pit and bring my wrath to those that freed them and all who conspired with them.” She said with a sneer.

“A part of me revels at the thought of bringing the city to ruin, we could even release the Princes in the heart of the Baenre compound. It spans half of the city, the majority of casualties would be theirs. The thought of the Tyrant Poisoners frustration as she loses all her worldly pawns delights me. It would satisfy my oath greatly.” Lael picked up her glass and set it on the table between them, her hand resting on it’s swell.

“Yet, there is a part of me that breaks at the thought of hurting my people thus. So, tell me Elderboy of DeVir. All games aside, which part should I listen too and why do you wish to hurt our people?”

VizeranIcon.png Vizeran DeVir

Again he smiles.

“You certainly are the most wise Drow I have had the pleasure to speak to in a long time. You may be right that the spell could be performed anywhere, the truth of that I do not know. What I do know is that the spell requires a deep connection to the demon princes themselves.”

“We will have the blood of a demon prince in order to tie them to the spell that is true, though I can think of no place with more connection to those abominations than in the place where the spell was conducted.”

“My research has led me to believe there are 2 such locations in the city in which the greatest connections to the demon princes can be found, though these locations may be ‘challenging’ to get into”

“The first location is in the heart of House Baenre, it is there the plot was first concocted and it is there the faezress began twisting Gromph’s mind.”

“The second location would be in Gromph’s study in Tier Breche, since that was the location of the spell.”

“The further away from those locations we attempt to perform our ritual the less of a chance it will work, and we only have one shot at this. I too would prefer this to be done in House Baenre as there are many… ‘innocent’ wonders inside Tier Breche that I would rather not be destroyed by our carelessness”

Laeltoken2.pngLael’essthrae Xund’lara Torviir
Wise? She would have laughed at that if it was the done thing. She would never describe herself as wise. Foolhardy maybe? Yes, that had been said about her by many. Lael picked back up her glass now and reclined back. She would have used it if it as a makeshift weapon had he launched himself at her. Lael took a sip again and seemed satisfied with his answer despite the fact he did not answer either of her questions directly.

“Then it is decided then. The Baenre compound it is. Do you you know if Gromph still resides there or is he shacked up in his tower?”

VizeranIcon.png Vizeran DeVir
“Alas, my attempts at locating Gromph have failed, something someone appears to be working very hard to keep his location secret.”

He begins to sit up.

“This has been an absolute pleasure to share this time with you my Lady, but I fear we do have pressing matters, namely a world to save”

He chuckles slightly.

“Oh if I had met you at a less world shaking time as this I would have loved to get to know you more… intimately. Please know that you are always welcome at my home, my Lady.”

He stands up and gestures back to the door and out towards the library where the rest of the party were but moments ago.

“If there is nothing else I can do for you, shall we?”

Laeltoken2.pngLael’essthrae Xund’lara Torviir
She did laugh now. “My mother was right, answer a boy’s bold question and he would get bolder.” His proposition almost startled her, so long she had been subjected to Loic’s intense stares and random flirting she had almost forgotten how direct her people were. Well, she could do a lot worse than the magical rival of Gromph Baenre. Oh how her mother would coo at the potential of the offspring. Lael shook her head at the ridiculous thought.

“You are quite right, they must be ready to start arguing about which place we should go first. I should change. At least then I can hide my frustration beneath my helm.” She knocked back the rest of her wine before standing. Lael had wanted to ask a few more questions, but those were only thing to sate her own curiosity, this was neither the time nor the place.

“Thank you Vizeran of house DeVir, you have been a most gracious host.” she offered with a generous nod of her head, before disappearing back downstairs to locate where she left her pack.



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