his adventurous collection of geeks, gamers, and all around D&D enthusiasts gather together weekly to spin a wonderful tale of fantasy and adventure. On this page you will find campaign updates along with in session and out of session roleplaying chat logs. As the story continues to unfold more and more features will be added to this page to help keep track of everything that is going on. Message from the DM: Hi, I am Aaron Smith, my players and I would like to welcome you to our adventure. We have been together for a little while now and we have a wide variety of experience with Dungeons and Dragons, so if we make a mistake please bare with us. The adventures we play are the adventure books from Wizard of the Coast. While the key points to the stories are the standard that can be found from the adventure books, the story that is being told by our PCs is personal and twisted by their collective experiences. Some story points have also been changed from the standard story to ensure that our PCs never have exactly the same adventure multiple times. Current Adventure: Out of the Abyss


Egressive Behaviour

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